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The Executive Technique was started in Chicago in 1975, with the sole mission of helping companies and individuals maximize their person-to-person communication skills and techniques helping them to be more effective and confident in everyday communication.

Since then, we've expanded, operating out of New York, while maintaining our headquarters in Chicago. We now serve more than 1500 clients and organizations around the world, providing effective communication skills to people from every walk of life, each with their own unique communication issues.

Our founder, John Connellan, grew up in Western Canada, where he worked his way through school by working for a local radio station. From there, he ventured east to Toronto, finished his schooling, and took his degree, enthusiasm, and then-burgeoning communication skills, and joined J. Walter Thompson.

During his 13 years with JWT, he held a variety of positions and met a wide range of people, having worked on assignments that took him to more than 28 countries across four continents.

In 1975, having honed his communication skills and witnessed first-hand the need for guidance and education in business communications, John founded The Executive Technique, determined to provide individualized solutions for his clients a decided departure from the one-size-fits-all approach to which the industry had previously adhered.

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