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Associate - Chicago

Enjoy working with top-level executives? Travelling? We train executives at all levels to maximize their communication effectiveness. As we expand, we have an opportunity for a seasoned professional.

Our Associates are full-time, willing to work more than 8 to 5, delivering training programs 10 to 12 days per month. They have training experience and strong platform skills. With these skills/qualities and a professional business image, you qualify for this tremendous opportunity.

Do you want to work with an upbeat, fun, positive team, dedicated to growing your career and your success?

Do you want to have up-to-date computer support, including hardware and software?

The Executive Technique is the world's premier person-to-person communications consulting and delivery firm with over twenty-five years of experience. We are well known in the marketplace and have a reputation for high-quality results.

Graduates of our solutions can be found in a wide range of Fortune 500 companies at all levels - from the mailroom to the boardroom. Not just in the United States, but also in countries from South Africa to Australia, mainland China to Canada.

Some of our clients include Abbott Labs, Ameritech, Baxter, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Caterpillar, Chicago Cubs, Inland Steel, Deloitte and Touche, Siemens Medical, Tellabs and Chicago Tribune.

We are looking for an individual that has:

  • The drive and energy to work with our high-level clientele
  • The desire to hit the office running each morning
  • The smarts to take advantage of our history, value and systems
  • The sense of humor to work with a group of professionals

Should we talk further? It's your call.
Send your resume and whatever else you want us to know.
Fax:Ms. Christine Ashford - 312-266-0413
Mail:Ms. Christine Ashford
The Executive Technique
716 North Rush Street
Chicago, IL 60611

Equal Opportunity Employer

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