TIP: Think Like Your Listeners Think in All Your Communications!

For many of us it is a challenge to create an effective listener message especially when the listeners have different wants and needs!

What is needed is a simple method for structuring our message so that it is easy for the listeners to follow and accept!

First step back and ask “am I using an old concept for preparing my content?  Far too often we are using the outdated concept of “tell them what you want to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them.”

There is a better way!

Step One: It is important to recognize that your listeners make the final decision of yes or no! 

Step Two: Take the time to think through your listener group and determine what they want and need to know and in what order they want that information.

Step Three: Build your message based on the Listener’s Train of Thought™ process!

Making it Better Next Time!

To make this change a reality all you need to do is to take your next communication and apply your Listener’s Train of Thought™.

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