Weekly Tip

The Value of Being Wrong!

In the fast paced environment that the great majority of us face, there is always a chance that a quick response to a question will result in communicating an inaccurate response.

When the error is discovered, it is human nature to deny or cover up the misinformation.  Unfortunately, this often leads to an expansion of the negative results. 

There are some easy steps to take to solve the problem and help build your Personal Style of honesty and integrity.

  1. Be More Prepared:  When you know the meeting is coming up, step back and determine what questions may come up. Prepare for these.  Preparation beats “on the fly” every time.   
  2. When in Doubt – Admit You Don’t Know the Answer:  Tell them that you will get back to them with the answer. No one is expected to know everything but they are expected to be honest. It is important to remember that many people think there are no white lies!
  3. When it is too late…Find out the right answer and make sure it is communicated with apologies.


To start.. take the first step.. be more prepared!


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