Weekly Tip


We have all seen the individual who seems to have flat or unnatural gestures. How do we perceive them as unnatural? They speak content first and then gesture. In most cases, these individuals have been “trained” to use gestures. As a result, they think content, speak content, think gestures, and then make a gesture.

Using video recordings and working with hundreds of thousands of executives from around the world, we have discovered that most individuals are completely natural when left to their own devices. 

You do not need to be trained to use gestures. Instead, you need to allow yourself to be free with gestures. All that is needed:

  • Disconnect your hands so that they are not clenched. Put one in a pocket if you must but break them apart.
  • Push your passion/energy and your gestures will come to life.
  • In others words….GO FOR IT!


This holds true when you are sitting or standing so start to give yourself the freedom to gesture this very moment!


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