A company tailored program is created to fit the objectives of your company with the specific and unique needs of your people. Our discovery process is working with yourself and your team will give you a clear picture of the options that will best fit your goals, objectives and budget.

By having one of the two full time instructors contact each participant before the program there is a “bonding” process that gives us additional insights for tailoring.  Clients report that this has proven to greatly enhance the positive attitude to this experience.

By contacting the manager, we enable the manager to give us details for the tailoring and personalization of the program.  Clients tell us that this creates a mentoring process for the manager and the participant.

Step by step process based on your needs and want to fit your specific situation.

  • Program Design Options
    • pre-program tailoring
    • program materials
  • Program Delivery Options
    • group size
    • time frame
    • location
    • instructors
  • Post Program Follow-up
  • Investment Options

“Valued the time with colleagues and enjoyed the presentation process.  The instructors are clearly dedicated and our company is fortunate to have this resource.  Thanks!”

EH&S Specialist, Leasing Industry