We examine what your communication opportunity is and we strategize using smart tools and our Listener Train of Thoughtâ„¢ in order to meet the objectives you have to be successful. Our advanced skill development can be one-on-one coaching or for a group.

The Executive Technique uses a module approach which has enabled us to create an in-depth approach for developing tailored programs to fit the unique needs of our clients in a one-on-one or group situation.  Over the past 45 years, we have created 40+ modules which enable each individual to discover his or her range of options for greater Demonstrable Positive Growth. Each module is designed to include advance tailoring-input, Resource Manual chapters, and video recording.

“A big thank you for two eye-opening days.  I will admit I was resistant to this training workshop but you both changed my mind.  I will take you up on the one-on-one training in Chicago and plan to call to make reservations soon. Eager to hear what modules you suggest.”

Marketing Communications Manager, National Distribution Company