Throughout all of The Executive Technique’s programs, we ensure demonstrable positive growth and skill development utilizing 3 pillars: Personal Style Development, Listener Train of Thought™ and 360 Degree Tailoring.

Puzzle piece with key in keyhole

Personal Style

Developing an individual’s own style enables each individual to define how he or she wishes to be described and then helps the individual discover their options for projecting that style.

Diagram of one-to-many communication

Listener Train of Thought™

Utilizing our trademarked approach enables each individual to develop his or her content to deal directly with the listener’s wants and needs. 

Diagram of Manager, Participant, Instructor relationship

360 Degree Tailoring

Demonstrable results are achieved by gathering input from the manager and the participant to determine opportunities and set expectations.We build a tailored 360 degree program matrix to ensure focus on key areas and the ability to apply skills learned post program.

I really enjoyed the two days of the executive technique training. It was well structured, very informative, and most of all fun! The recordings helped me recognize how my listeners perceive me, and with this training, I now have the tools to positively influence that perception.”

 Consultant, Telecommunications Company

“Loved the interaction with others and greatly appreciated the care you put into making this a safe environment to learn and make mistakes. I will definitely use the training.”

Sales Operations Analyst, Hardware Co-op