The Executive Technique Open Program provides the most comprehensive and successful approach to maximizing every aspect of communication skills. Enrollment in this two-day, highly personalized program is limited to 12 participants from a wide variety of industries, which ensures individual attention and interaction while providing a dynamic, real-life learning environment.

You are recorded as you practice these techniques during multiple recordings of different communication situations. In this way, you discover options for building upon or eliminating behaviors that augment or detract from your Personal Style.

This process is followed by a private two-phased video review procedure, first with an instructor who offers options and then by yourself. This increases awareness of the skills and behaviors you’ll want to keep or eliminate. 

Consists of Six Modules

  • Personal Style development to project  your natural style and connect to the audience.
  • Total Expansion Projection enhances your message by using your natural passion and conviction.
  • Strategic Listener Analysis discover a new approach for defining the dynamics of your listeners. This is the first step in creating impactful targeted messages.
  • Content Development using Listener Train of Thought™ – In Tune With The Times to create visual aids , content and the delivery of the targeted message.
  • One-to-One Communication expanding all of the applications to daily one-to-one communications
  • Questions & Answers learning to control difficult situations while projecting the primary message.

Open Enrollment 2020 Program Dates

May 11/12 2022
June 07/08 2022
July 13/14 2022
August 9/10 2022
September 13/14 2022
October 12/13 2022
November 9/10 2022
December 6/7 2022
Due to COVD-19, the above dates are subject to change in accordance with the CDC and the City of Chicago
** = limited availability contact us for details

The investment is $1875 which includes all elements of the program as well as the third day of one-on-one coaching.

Course Program – Two Days

  • Multiple Video Recordings with experimentation and options for discovery.
  • Immediate Instructor Feedback by two full-time instructors.
  • Immediate Group Feedback from other participants on delivery.
  • Individual Private Coaching with a second instructor.
  • Self-analysis discovery/application form to track efforts throughout the two days.
  • Individual critiques written by the other participants.
  • Personal Video recordings for future application.
Diagram of relationship between Manager, Participants, and Instructors

Pre-Program Preparation

  • Manager Role
    • Provide insights on your strengths and opportunities
    • Discussion with participant select on an upcoming real world communication with targeted listeners to be used during the course which strengthens your results and ultimate success.
  • Participant Role
    • Complete the Personal Development Survey for tailoring purposes
    • Discussion with manager to determine desired outcome
    • Review Resource Manual to gain insight on program theory
  • Instructors’ Role
    • Advance phone call to identify individual areas to focus on
    • Create matrix using  manager and participant input

Post Program

  • Detailed Post Program letter with feedback.
  • Manager Post Program Debrief phone call.
  • Video Recordings emailed.
  • Listener Train of Thought™ reminder cards.
  • Complimentary one-day advisory with over 40 available modules.
  • Lifetime Support via telephone and email.
  • Weekly Communication Tips.

“I found the program valuable not only for professional purposes, but its techniques can also be applied to personal situations.  The aspect of watching yourself on video along with feedback from the instructor, group, and 1:1 private coaching was very impactful for me.””

Operations Manager, Mobile Network