Communication Tips for Your Greater Success

Making Your Emails Easier and More Successful

Projecting a positive, visionary and interesting Personal Style is an important part of being noticed as someone that shows greater value.

One of the tools that are the easiest to utilize to project those qualities is email!  As the most frequently used form of communication channel, it cries out for stepping out of the ordinary.

Here are some starter steps:

  1. Think Before you Type:  Step back and think about what your reader wants and needs to know in the email.
  2. Use Listener Train of Thought™ for Your Content Flow:  As a graduate, you know how to lay out the flow to the reader’s wave length…use it!
  3. Keep the sentences and paragraphs short:  We eat a meal in small bites.  Readers need small bites to digest the message.
  4. Use white space:  Use short paragraphs with open space between.  This makes it visually easy for the reader to scan the email.
  5. End on a next step:  End on what the reader needs to do as a result of the email.

Your next step? Take one thing from the above and apply it to your next email today!

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