At the beginning of your career, you wanted to desperately contribute in each meeting because you knew that giving articulate input helped you gain respect and in turn, added success.

The problem was that no one gave you the opportunity.  What you needed then and even more so now (unless you are running the meeting) is a simple process for contributing to the party.

Determine Which Individual is the Leader of the Meeting: By locating that person from the very beginning, you are able to give extra eye connection which will enhance your confidence when you are ready to contribute. Use your Eye Connection Power to channel your energy.

Listen – Listen – Listen:  Pay strict attention to the meeting’s overall objective.

Make Sure Your Interruption Fits the Current Flow:  This step enables you to adjust your thoughts as the meeting moves along resulting in your input being on point.

Create A Signal: Base your eye connection on each individual while he or she is talking.  This helps you gain greater clarity on the points and flow of the meeting.  Give extra eye connection to the meeting leader so that he or she knows when you want to contribute.   Hold your eye connection on the decision-maker and a simple nod or gesture from the meeting leader will give you the go-ahead.

Make it Crisp and Clean:  Make your point in a crisp and direct manner and end on the Meeting Leader.

Project Your Vocal Energy:  To show your confidence, speak up.  In many cases, you may think your nervousness is showing. Therefore it is important to remember that there is no such thing as nervousness only nervous energy and when you feel it, just hold your eye connection longer and push your vocal projection.

MAKE IT BETTER NEXT TIME All you need to do is use each point when your next opportunity appears.  Start with your next small group meeting. TYP

Successful Communicating!

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