Four Ways to Project Confidence

It is one thing to have the right information and the right idea but far too often the communicator has a bundle of internal confidence but it just doesn’t get to the surface and the communication is lost.

Here are four easy-to-apply steps:

  • Going In.  Know your stuff!  Prepare your content based on what the listeners want and need to know.  This preparation enables you to build that inner confidence that is the foundation of bringing the message to life!
  • Eye-to-Eye – Command of the Room.  Before you begin, locate the primary decision maker and when you start, begin with that individual.  Make the eye-to-eye connection so that you show respect for the individual and let them know you are aware of his or her importance.  Once you have made that connection then move your eyes from one corner to the next (for at least one complete thought) until you have brought each corner into the communication.
  • Responding to the Listeners’ Response.  Their eyes drive the communication.  When you see the listener “nod” at the end of a point, that is the end of your point.  Go to your next listener and your next point!
  • Use Your Nervousness.  Be nervous going in!  That is the adrenalin that drives your message delivery.  All you need to do is push your intonation and inflection to project the true feeling you have for your content to the surface.  Nervousness is simply energy in a negative form…passion is energy in a positive form.


So one, two, three, four and away you go. 

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