Everyone worries about facing the difficult questioner.  Here are some key considerations that will help.

  1. Stop worrying!  In most cases, the listeners are looking for clarification and in fact are saying that they will agree with you if you can clear up the point in question.
  2. Every question offers you the chance to reinforce your primary message.
  3. If the tone of the question is challenging or loud, give the questioner 100% eye contact and smile.  The smiling lets you enjoy yourself and scares the devil out of the questioner!
  4. Remember to concentrate entirely on the question.  When you know the question, buy time by repeating or rephrasing the question to the entire group.
  5. If the question is in the form of a statement, then turn it into a question during the repeat/rephrase.
  6. Answer honestly and briefly.  During the answer do not look back at the challenging questioner but rather at all the other “nice people” in the group.  This will help you from giving a “bite” to your answer.
  7. End on the next “nice” questioner.


Enjoy the situation and remember that you are the one in control because you have the knowledge and the last word!


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