Delegation versus Opportunity to Share and Grow

Successfully leading a team of individuals to accomplish goals and objectives is a daunting task, but when accomplished, there is a great feeling of satisfaction and bonding.  

It is especially daunting when you, as the leader, resort to the mindset of delegating a task or a project.  Your mindset is usually “I can get rid of this by having Penny do it”!   The downside of this is that although you are getting rid of the task and dumping it on the direct report, that individual is aware of your motivation and that they are being “dumped on”.

There is a better way:

  • Change Your Mind-Set: Begin by determining which of your team members will learn and grow the most by undertaking the task.
  • Determine their benefits:   How will they benefit personally and as a team member, how will this increase their growth?
  • Get ready to communicate the task: Clearly think through each of the elements that are part of the assignment. When you communicate the assignment make sure you are giving a complete understanding of the objectives, challenges, timeline, and rewards.
  • Monitor-Coach-Contribute-Appreciate:   This is done by stepping back and offering your support and give continuing encouragement.


Go ahead and try it on your next delegation…oops.

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