Once is Good – Twice is Great

Most individuals want to project a Personal Style of caring about the listener and making life easy and comfortable for the listener.

We take many of our communication situations for granted and in these situations, we let our subconscious take over the task of communicating.  An example is when we leave a telephone message.

How many times have you received a voice mail and had to replay the message over and over just to get the telephone number?

Without knowing it, we are doing the same thing to others!  The answer is to move all our communications from the subconscious to the conscious level of communication and leaving a voice mail is the place to start.

It’s as easy as:

  1. State your name clearly with a pause before giving your company.
  2. State the telephone number with a pause after each grouping – 800 pause 992 pause 1414.
  3. Then pause while your listener looks for a pencil.
  4. Give your listener a short reason to call back such as “I have the numbers on the latest computer run for you.”
  5. Then state your number again with a cheery goodbye.


Now please excuse me…I must leave some messages (pause) have a great week!

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