Communication Tips for Your Greater Success


These challenging times are not solely based on the very evident Coronavirus but also include the economy, business environment changes, competitive changes, staff changes and a whole lot more.

The old answer was “work harder”.  The real answer is “step back and accept the challenge!”

Look at the challenge in the cool morning light (for us morning people) and ask yourself some simple guiding questions.

  • What is the change that brought about the pressure?
  • Is it representative of a weakness in our service, product, approach etc.?
  • If yes what changes do we need to make and how do we communicate the changes to our listeners?
  • If a market shift, what changes do we need to make?
  • What new things can we do in the way we communicate that will enable us to better communicate the added values?

Once these questions are answered, you are ready to define your customers or listeners in order of importance.  Then start at the top with your new message and work your way down.


That is called: working smarter…of course, there is no reason to not work a little harder.

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