Communication Tips for Your Greater Success


We all seek to build a relationship with our listener(s) because that connection results in their wanting to listen to our message and at the end of the communication much more likely to accept the message. 

You will find that to gain understanding of your message, you must be able to put yourself in the mind of your listener(s) well in advance of the delivery of your message.

Start by stepping back and looking at each listener.  With a large group, it will require grouping your listeners into categories such as financial, marketing, etc.

Then, look deeper into their make-up such as level of expertise, decision maker or influencers, business pressures, government pressures, personal pressures, business background and personal background to name a few.

The more you know about your listener(s), the easier it is to understand their concerns, motivations and desires.

Making it Better Next Time

This is a no-brainer since this approach applies to all communications from one to thousands. 
Once you have prepared your listener analysis you will discover that it is much easier to create the flow of your communication. You will also find that because your mind is set to the listeners’ agenda and interests your content will be much more driven to those areas and you will gain greater success.


Food for thought: Why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid someone will break-in and clean them?

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