Our goal is to get our listeners to understand and accept our information, ideas and recommendations which drives our success.

To accomplish that goal, it is important to gain the attention, acceptance and commitment of the listener.

The natural question then is in the above headline!

Tradition would have us believe that we “tell them what we are going to tell them-tell them-then tell them what you told them”.

In British terms….rubbish!  Listeners have no time to hear all of what you want them to know!

It boils down to:

  • Start with a one sentence statement of what is the greatest value they will get from your communication.
  • Tell them what they need to accomplish to gain that goal.
  • Give them your idea or agenda.
  • Give them the benefits that they will get from listening.
  • Give them the answers to what they want to know such as cost, etc.
  • End with a short conclusion/summary and their next step.

Leave out the kitchen sink and the entire extra “what you want them to know”.  Your communication will be shorter, clearer and to the point. 

Too short you say…well have you ever heard a listener say “you have more time, keep talking”.


Go for it, greater success is only a short step away!


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